Allvecia Soap Company+


Allvecia Soap Company has been making Natural Bath & Body Products since the year 2010. They have spent the beginning of the Year 2016, improving and adding new products, changing the labeling, and refreshing their Web Site. Allvecia’s goal is to ensure the customers have immediate access to our products – ask questions – special requests -sales – new products and events. Most of all thanking everyone for their support.

Web site:
Face book: allveciasoap/face book
Twitter:  allveciasoap/twitter

Apex Food Company+


Apex Food Company brings some incredible foods with healthy ingredients and exceptional quality. The products are based on 100-year-old recipes originated in India and evolved overtime to suit American taste buds.

AFC currently offers two products:

– Piaz (Onion relish): Gourmet spread for burgers and flatbreads. Great with meat and cheese.

– Zukti (Tamarind sauce): It is a delectable dipping sauce, a transforming marinade and a satisfying dressing for your favorite salad. AFC products are versatile with have exceptional taste and major health benefits.

Learn more at

Avenue des Chocolats+


Avenue des Chocolats specialize in European-style chocolate bonbons with silky-smooth, delicately-fragrant ganache centers. Ganache – the classic artisan bonbon center traditionally consisting of an emulsion of chocolate and fresh cream – offers endless flavoring possibilities. It is their goal to explore these one by one in the systematic approach a hypothetical chocolate scientist would use.

The available flavors vary from one week to the next depending on requests, the seasons and the inspiration of the artisan chocolatier finds near and far, whether in the ingredients growing in the backyard or in the work of other chocolatiers and chefs from around the globe.

Visit their website for the BONBON FLAVOR MENU and to learn more about Gabriela, the Chocolatier.




Bander Works Studio offering unique wood working pieces and jewelry. They often incorporate upcycled materials in our designs.

Alyson is an RN with a BA in English & Religion. Hobbies include being outdoors , reading, & caring for a Moluccan Cockatoo. Working with vintage materials in jewelry making is a passion turned into business. Ben has a background in Technical Theater and degrees in Education, Research and Methodology. He turned his interest in wood working into a career with the opening of his wood working shop in 2011. We began showing and selling our work in 2012 at various art markets and craft fairs in the Raleigh/Durham area. We participate in 2-3 shows per month April – December. We have been shipping to clients through our Facebook venue since 2012 and Ben’s custom art panels and stretcher bars are available through Askew Taylor and Happy Mess Art Supply Stores in the Raleigh/Durham area.

Find them on facebook @BanderBeads or their website BanderworksArtFire.

Bella Blues+

Bella Blues

The Johnson family has been growing sustainable, delicious Premier and Climax Blueberries in Johnston County, North Carolina for over 30 years. The type of berries we grow typically yield the sweetest berries in mid-July until the end of August depending on Mother Nature.

Blue Chip Business Solutions LLC+


Meet Bill and Sandra of Blue Chip Business Solutions, LLC.

They will be bringing handmade crafts to market, including:

  • Wooden bowls
  • Photography Prints
  • Hand Paintings
  • Jewelry

CBG Gourmet Foods+

CBG FOODS will provide Barbecue Sauce at market this season!

What makes CBG FOODS BBQ Sauce special as a business proposition? First, we have identified an unfulfilled market for our exceptional product. Careful research has demonstrated a 66% positive response by a representative sampling of our primary and secondary geographical markets. They have learned that people living in Raleigh, Durham, Orange County prefer Smoke Barbecue Sauce. Further research of the population demographics of this area reveals a lifestyle most conducive to eating out often, as frequently as three times per week. Management has also identified a very viable Barbeque Sauce market in the neighboring Counties of North Carolina.

Celebrity Dairy+

Goat-cheese-at-Celebrity-Dairy Our State

Celebrity Dairy has been making farmstead goat cheese since 1987 in Silk Hope, NC (in Chatham County, near Siler City).  They also have a bed & breakfast inn, plus an incubator farm including a soil amendments enterprise (Celebrity Dirt), and a greenhouse producing seed ginger and micro-greens (East Branch).

At market  Celebrity brings goat cheeses, spreadable cheese, crumbly cheese, aged cheese, goat’s milk fudge, goat’s milk gelato, and goat’s milk soap.  On a seasonal basis they bring yummy micro-greens, composted goat manure, and biochar-compost.
Learn more about Celebrity Dairy at
Visit them at Midtown Farmers Market the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month.

Chappells Peaches+


Ken Chappells Peaches and Apples is a family owned farm located in the Sandhills. They have been in constant production since 1940. Chappells has a roadside stand located at the corner of NC Hwy 211 and Samarc and Road in Eagle Springs, North Carolina and will be selling at Midtown this season.

If you have time to visit Eagle Springs they offer pick your own. Learn more at

Citizen Pops+

Citizen Pops resized

Citizen Pops makes 100%-natural Fruit and Yogurt pops made by hand in Raleigh.  Citizen Pops are made with locally-sourced fruit when possible and never include fruit juices, frozen fruit, syrups or added colors.  Fruit pops are vegan and gluten-free and on average contain four, all-natural ingredients.

Citizen Pops Unique Flavors: All-natural Fruit Mango Ginger, Pineapple Orange Blossom, and Strawberry Mint; and Yogurt based Cookies and Cream.

Cohen Farm+

Cohen Farm

Cohen Farm is a 220 acre farm located in Silk Hope, North Carolina just outside the small towns of Pittsboro and Siler City. We are close to Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, as well as Burlington and Greensboro. We have been farming using organic methods since 1971, and have never used herbicides, synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, growth hormones, or routine antibiotics.

Conveniently Yours+

Conveniently YoursProfile Picture

Conveniently Yours creates Tiffany style stained glass sun catchers, panels, and stained glass jewelry.

Visit Danita and Joe at Midtown on rotating Saturdays.

Look at more of their work at

Coon Rock Farm+


Coon Rock Farm is a sustainable family farm providing garden crops and pasture raised antibiotic and hormone free chicken, eggs, pigs, lamb and goat on 55 acres nestled along a bend in the Eno River just outside of Hillsborough, NC.   We concentrate on sustainably and bio-dynamically taking care of the land while letting it take care of us.  Our vegetables are mostly heirloom varieties and raised without chemicals of any kind.  Our animals are pastured raised and grass fed and never given antibiotics or hormones.  Our chickens are heritage breeds that provide both meat and eggs and are completely free range.

Cottage Lane Kitchen+


Founded in 2011, Cottage Lane Kitchen’s intention is to bring flavor to food without overpowering it. Condiments to compliment different dishes, cooking styles and palates are the main focus of the business.  Their mission is to RELISH the world and entice tastebuds with ‘happy heat’!

Learn more about Cottage Lane Kitchen and their yummy relish:

Cousins Maine Lobster – Food Truck+


Cousins Maine Lobster brings the tradition and quality of Maine’s iconic lobster industry to North Carolina. They are proud to serve fresh, sustainably harvested lobster product directly from Maine’s icy cold waters to consumers on the East Coast.

They’ll be at Midtown: 6/25, 7/9, 8/20, and 10/27.

Learn more about this food truck sensation at

We Sell:  

Curious Gecko+

curious gecko
Curious Gecko creates delightful masks, character heads, ornaments and birdhouses from gourds grown in their own farm in Johnston County, North Carolina. Each piece is a unique and original work of art. Whether it’s a mardi gras disguise or a “Wine Diva Goddess,” you are sure to find something that will bring a smile to your face!
Stop by for a one of a kind piece of GOURDgeous art.

Dixon Dollops+


Dixon’s Dollops are hand crafted chocolate peanut butter truffles that come in four types: Creamy, Crunchy, Salted Caramel, and Nutella. They were created by Taryn Dixon, a single mother who started the company while attending graduate school. After realizing her passion for entrepreneurship, and after being told to pick something she loved, she immediately thought of her lifelong obsession with chocolate and peanut butter and that is how Dollops were born!

Learn more at

Edible Earthscapes+


Edible Earthscaping is a philosophy, a lifestyle and a farming style that embodies the ebb and flow of nature.  Rather than attempting to control or manipulate nature, it strives to blend with the natural tendencies of soil, climate, flora and fauna to achieve a diverse ecosystem loaded with food. Although we are not certified organic,  there is no place on our farm for chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.

Elizabeth Reclaimed Creations+


Elizabeth Reclaimed Creations offers unique reclaimed wood home décor.

They take custom orders, if you don’t see quite what you are searching for.

One picture won’t due Liz’s offering justice, please visit to find more imagines:

Fancy Berries+


Fancy Berries specializing in elevating strawberries.  Fancy Berries makes handmade gourmet stuffed and chocolate dipped strawberries.  The strawberries are stuffed with cakes, cheesecakes, caramels; and covered with milk, white or dark chocolated; and decorated with drizzle of chocolate, cookie crumbs, and sugars.

Stop by and see them every other week during strawberry season May – June.

First Olive – Natural Bath & Body+


First Olive was born from a passion of a mother trying to find relief for her son’s eczema. First Olive offers natural products including olive oil based soaps, lotions sticks and lotion bars made with Shea and Cocoa butter, sugar scrubs and lip balms. All of our products are made in small batches with fresh ingredients and high quality oils and butters. We never test our products on animals. Only friends and family.

Learn more at:

Fork + Spoon Fresh Pasta+


You’ll NEVER eat boxed pasta again! Check out their egg-free, homemade pasta, including flavors such spinach, tomato, parmesan-chive, lemon pepper, spicy red pepper and much, much more! Their pasta is served in 4 oz. “nests” and will cook in no more than 3 minutes. Will store for up to 7 days in the refrigerator and 2 months in the freezer! Don’t miss this delicious, affordable fresh pasta!

Good Grace’s Dog Treats+


Good Grace’s is a home-based, two-woman owned and operated dog treat company.
All of their treats are hand made. They use only human-grade ingredients, with no chemicals, preservatives or coloring and offer 8 “regular” recipes (which include vegetarian and vegan options) and 8 “specialty” recipes (which include grain-free, gluten-free, wheat-free and vegetarian options), each and every one WAGNIFICENT! Visit them at

Happy as a Coneflower Farm LLC+


Happy as a Coneflower Farm specializes in locally grown, high quality cut flowers.  The farm was created out of a pure love of flowers big and small, humble and ornate, vintage and modern.  We are located in Pittsboro, NC where we grow 1/2 acre of field flowers and 700 square feet of hoop house flowers year round.  We grow our flowers using organic, sustainable methods only.

What’s Available: campanula, balloon flower, yarrow, lisianthus, dahlias, sunflowers, ornamental peppers, gladiolus, crocosmia, snaps, and tuberose.

Healthy Grill On Wheels – food truck+

Healthy Grill On Wheels is a Mobile Food Truck. They provide turkey, chicken alternatives, along with gluten free desserts. Some menu items includes turkey bbq, turkey tacos, chicken tacos, 10 flavors of chicken sandwich’s, turkey hot dogs with our house-made chill, polish turkey sausage then wash it down with freshly squeezed lemonade or decaf ice tea.

We Sell:  

Homestead Harvest Farm+


Homestead Harvest is a small family farm in Wake Forest, NC. Farmer Jan Campbell raises her animals with love and care, claiming quite a few of them for pets! Visit Jan at the market and meet some baby chicks! Learn more and like the farm at

Jay Woodcraft+


Jay Woodcraft creates custom wood products that provide utility and uniqueness from wood harvested in North Carolina with a few exceptions. Most products has Ted’s “made in North Carolina by Ted Jay” logo stamped on the product. His signature products are the cutting boards that include up to 5 different woods. Ted can also offer custom made farmhouse tables made to order to fit the customer needs.

Knish-A-Licious LLC+

Knish logo2

A knish is an Eastern European baked good consisting of a filling (generally potato) that is wrapped in dough. When brought over by immigrants in the early 1900’s, it became popular in major North American cities, often sold in delis and on the street in hot dog carts.

With the knish almost non-existent in the Triangle region of North Carolina, owners Michael and Jamie Eliahu created Knish-A-Licious in 2014. Aiming to introduce this traditional food to a wider audience, knish-a-licious offers a unique comfort food that bursts with flavors and fillings.

With a passion for food and years of experience in the kitchen, Michael Eliahu brings a new spin to old family recipes and wants to warm your heart (and belly).

Their knishes come in 3 varieties – classic potato, sweet potato and kasha. We prepare our knishes using high quality ingredients that will be sure to make your mouth water. We hope to add more flavors and fillings in the years to come.

Laura Azzi Fine Art+

Laura Azzi Art

Laura Azzi is committed to painting plein air– the act of painting outdoors in natural light, which makes her an integral part of the scenery at the market. She has been with us for a few seasons now, providing market customers the chance to watch a painter at work and go home with wonderful images of the market or other natural scenes. Laura welcomes commissions and new students! She is now offering pet portraits and watercolor cards! Learn more at

Lo & Behold Natural Body Care+

Lo & Behold Natural Body Care

Lo & Behold specializes in luxurious and all natural body care. They use 100% synthetic-free ingredients to formulate gentle body oils, body butter, cuticle cream, lip balms, scrubs, and salves that nourish your skin. Their entire body care line is made with organic beeswax, high quality oils, and essential oils. All of their products are hand crafted in small batches with care and consideration. It is their goal to bring moments of joyful well-being to their customers with the belief that when you feel great, you do great things.

Co-owners, Gina Wisotzky and Elisabeth Chadbourne, first became friends at a small liberal arts college in Baltimore, MD and bonded over their shared love of cooking, vintage, and a good moisturizer.  After college they both began making our own body products as a hobby. They were astounded by the quality compared to mainstream skincare and continued to swap ideas and recipes.  After a few years of researching and perfecting formulas, starting their own body care company seemed like the next logical step.

They founded Lo & Behold in January of 2014 with the goal of handcrafting luxurious and synthetic-free skin care. They formulate all their products to be high quality, trustworthy, and environmentally responsible.  They are proud to design and manufacture all of their products and especially enjoy creating exciting and unique scents. Their vision is to encourage customers to enjoy and care for their bodies through the use of our products. It’s amazing how good you feel after using a nice body scrub in the shower or rubbing on your favorite moisturizer. They believe that these moments are an important time to celebrate yourself.

Visit Lo & Behold’s website to learn more:

 Products: Whipped Cocoa Body Butter, Carolina Pine Body Oil, Full Bloom Body Oil, Bright  Citrus Body Oil, Grapefruit & Vanilla Bean Body Scrub, Cedarwood & Resin Body Scrub, Lavender & Clary Sage Body Scrub, Siberian Fir & Birch Hand Salve, Rose & Ginger Hand Salve, Camellia Cuticle Cream, Revitalizing Lip Balm, Ginger & Blood Orange Lip Balm, and Lavender & Rosemary Lip Balm.

Madden’s Seafood+


Scott “Jobo” Madden, owner of Madden’s Seafood, grew up in North Raleigh, moved to Topsail Island, NC and opened & operated a successful seafood restaurant in Surf City. While in Surf City he met my wife, Lesley, in 2000.  Together they have 2 beautiful daughters, Reagan and Molly.

In 2013, Scott moved back to the Raleigh area. And now each week he return to Surf City to pick up the freshest catch of the day and then deliver it back to north Raleigh to “bring the freshest seafood to your neighborhood.”  

Please stop by and get to know him as well as the best seafood that North Carolina has to offer.

“Let us Bring the Beach to You!”

The seafood selection changes each week based on season and availability. Check the website each week to see what is available;  Also, don’t forget to subscribe to Madden’s weekly newsletter and he will keep you posted on the weekly catches and specials.

Melina’s Fresh Pasta+

Melina's Fresh Pasta

After 30 years of watching her mother cook authentic Italian food, and a recent trip to Italy to go to Pasta Making School in Bologna (coupled with an attempt to eat as much cured pork and salami as possible), Melina decided that she needed to share her special knowledge about traditional Italian cooking and food with Raleigh.

Nourishing Acres+

Nourishing Acres

Nourishing Acres is a 10 acre Certified Organic vegetable farm located in rural Orange County. Farmers   Keith & Megan Marshall have been growing vegetables for a living for six years, the last two of which have been in North Carolina. Our love of agriculture and farming blossomed during our two years as Peace Corps Volunteers in Paraguay; we’ve been farming ever since.  We are excited to be bringing our Certified Organic vegetables and plant starts to the Midtown Farmers’ Market this season. We offer a wide selection of organic produce throughout the season, so you are sure to find something you like at the Nourishing Acres market stand all year long. Stop by the market and grab some organic veggies today!

Check us out on Instagram @nourishingacres or on the web at

Oak City Coffee Roasters+

Oak City

Oak City Coffee strives to bring consumers closer to the source of their coffee by introducing them to their coffee growers and harvesters.  Coffee starts with some rightfully proud farmers, and getting it from their farm to your cup is a captivating story. Oak City believes it’s a story worth telling. Learn more and sample different varieties at Market, or at

Old Milburnie Farm+


Old Milburnie Farm is a sustainable vegetable, poultry and mushroom farm in Raleigh, NC. The farm is a joint venture of Daniel Dayton and Erika Gutierrez. The couple have decided to implement their love of agriculture to provide healthy, sustainable products for Raleigh and the surrounding environs. Daniel is a Raleigh native. His passion for farming began in high school where he volunteered on the school farm. This initial interest led him to the mountains of NC for his undergraduate studies at Warren Wilson College in Swannanoa. During his time at WWC, Daniel worked on the college’s 5 acre garden. After college, Daniel spent two years in Mali working as an agricultural extension agent with the US Peace Corps. He’s currently earning an MS degree from NC State. Erika grew up New Bern. Unbeknownst to her, an interest in agriculture also began at a young age with the cultivation of a small vegetable garden and growing up along the Neuse and Trent Rivers. Erika has had a seemingly unconventional route to agriculture. Whether it was fate, a connection to nature, or discontent with impersonal communities, throughout this time, continual reevaluation of her interests in community, health, and land stewardship led her to farming. Learn more at

Rob’s Fresh Produce+


Rob’s Fresh Produce is run by farmer Rob Glover and specializes in local, seasonal and fresh produce. Rob’s farm is located in Bailey, NC.

Robin’s Kitchen Lab+


Robin’s Kitchen Lab was a dream that started because Robin wanted to know what was in the food she was eating. She has always been passionate about food. Find her at a table with family and friends and they will be discussing what their next meal will be.

Robin grew up with her dad’s huge garden behind their house.  Dinner was decided by what was ready to be picked or what had been put up over the summer. Robin has always had a garden of her own.  This, more than anything else, has given her a taste for fresh, high quality ingredients and nothing less.

Robin loves to tinker in the kitchen.  She has devised her own Worcestershire recipe over a 10 year period and she thinks it nailed.  The shrubs have been a labor of love over the past two years.  Both are fermented and it takes some time to get to understand how that process improves flavors over time.

Fruit Drinking Vinegar Flavors: Strawberry Balsamic, Raspberry Vanilla, Blueberry, Blackberry, Ripe Peach, Crisp Apple, Pomegranate, and Ginger

S&L Farm+

S and L Farm

S&L Farm, a family owned and operated farm offers Animal Welfare Approved free range eggs, lamb, and pasture raised chicken. S & L Farm began their journey in 2004 with the revival of an abandoned farmstead. Our goal is to raise organic and poultry, via sustainable farming.

Their animals are all free range or pasture raised. Many are born on the farm and are considered heritage breeds. We NEVER use antibiotics, hormones, or other drugs to accelerate growth or reduce costs. We NEVER use feeds that contain animal protein! Our livestock graze on pastures, roam freely on the farm, and are given whole grains, sunflower seeds, fruits and vegetables. Plenty of fresh air, exercise and a natural diet means better taste and nutrition for the consumer and a better life for the animals.

They are committed to providing their clients with the finest gourmet poultry products without damaging the environment or using dangerous chemicals.

Stagers Roses+

Stagers Roses

Stephen and Christine Stager are huge lovers of the rose. They are members of the American Rose Society and the Raleigh Rose Society. Stephen is a Consulting Rosarian with the ARS. The Stagers enter their roses in the State Fair and the Raleigh Rose show and have won numerous blue ribbons. They currently have nearly 350 rose bushes in our yard and 400 bushes at the farm.

Steve Karloski Sculpture+

steve2 (1024x916)
Steve Karloski Sculpture is a great source of local hand-built pottery. From functional items such as mugs, vases, and bowls, to more decorative work such as wall-mounted suns, sea turtles, and garden turtles, there is something unique to suit a wide range of tastes.
Natural themes, featuring plant and animal motifs, are prevalent in Steve’s body of work, and his work is an ideal fit for shoppers at the market!
Steve is originally from central Illinois and studied Fine Art at Illinois State University. Although his earlier work involved primarily drawing and painting, he now “draws” and carves in clay.  His appreciation for nature is reflected in his work, along with a love of gardening and attention to environmental issues. Steve has been making and selling pottery for over five years, appearing at a number of local art and craft shows locally. Also with an ongoing display at The Cotton Company in Wake Forest, he is growing his line of hand-built pottery and gaining momentum as a local favorite.
Local shows and gallery event information can be found at, and of course you can always check out what is happening “in the workshop” by liking Steve’s fan page on Facebook, Steve Karloski Sculpture.

Strong Arm Baking Co+


Strong Arm Baking Company is located along the Tar River in Granville County, North Carolina. Offering only the finest artisan breads, pastries, and treats using local ingredients and seasonal produce, Strong Arm strives to introduce fresh ideas and products to the tables of local individuals looking to support their neighborhood baker.

Working with Phoebe Lawless of Scratch in Durham, North Carolina, Julia learned the importance of imparting flavor at every step of the baking process and following the seasonal flow of ingredients. Julia’s passion for baking and her great love of her friends and family is evident in each one of her loaves.


The Montessori School of Raleigh+


The Montessori School of Raleigh is the Triangle’s modern embodiment and mindful practice of the time-proven Montessori philosophy for toddler through ninth grade students.

Through self-directed engagement with MSR’s embracing culture, inherently interdisciplinary curriculum, and purposefully prepared environments, students fully inhabit the study of their personal fascinations.

Implicitly and explicitly guided by expert teachers toward individual mastery of evolving social, emotional, and academic lessons, they learn the habits of mind that lead to deep focus, discernment, understanding, and maturity from their earliest years.

MSR’s multi-age classroom experiences inspire teachers and students to alternately act as instructor and pupil, leader and follower, ultimately cultivating students’ ownership of their distinct self-worth and appreciation of the inherent worth of others.

From this effective and encompassing preparation, Montessori School of Raleigh graduates advance with serene self-assurance to their next schools and into adulthood as agile thinkers, poised communicators, and gracious collaborators— docents of their own learning and engineers of authentic and fulfilling lives.

The Pleasant Bee+

The Pleasant Bee

The Pleasant Bee is a father and daughter venture. Al & Sarah Pleasants studied beekeeping through NCSU and the Wake County Beekeepers Association.  Al is currently an NC Certified Beekeeper and Sarah is currently an NC Journeyman Beekeeper. The Pleasants’s bees are currently kept on farm land in Willow Springs, Garner and Apex, NC. While their primary product is wildflower honey, they also sell handmade beeswax candles, honey body lotion, honey lip balm, handmade honey soap, one of a kind gift baskets, & other honey related products.

The Vintage Bee+

The Vintage Bee carries all handmade accessories. They upcycle vintage costume jewelry and clothing to create other one of a kind items. The Vintage Bee also makes beautiful infinity scarves for every season. If you see something you like and want some more info, let us know!!

The WoodturnersGuild of NC+


The Woodturners Guild of NC exists to promote woodturning education and generate a broader understanding of woodturning as an art form. They provide a meeting place for members and guests to share ideas and techniques on woodturning, and display their work, and to encourage membership in the AAW. At market, they will be sellings: Bowls, platters, vases, hollow forms, boxes, pens, cups/goblets, wine stoppers, tops, ornaments, pepper mills, bracelets, pendants, rings, candle holders…

Learn more at:

Vollmer Farm+


Farmer John was raised on the family farm in Bunn. He was born in the home still used by the family located in the Back Forty and has lived here most of his life, except for the years immediately following his marriage to Betty when they were first starting their family. When their son, Russ was 6, they moved the kids back to the family farm and began farming tobacco with John’s father, NJ. The family was sustained by tobacco and an agricultural fertilizer business until the late ’80’s when they completely diversified into pumpkins,strawberries and organics. Now the grandchildren of Farmer John and Betty are helping on the farm! Now the 4th and 5th generations are helping sustain the farm! Uncle Russell, and his children John and Margaret are usually working on the farm somewhere; Jacob is off at college pursuing a degree in tourism. Farmer John is an award-winning farmer, conservationist and organic expert. In addition to organic strawberries, he has planted organic blueberries, which will be ready to pick in 2011, and he is developing another business focusing on many kinds of organic produce. Farmer John is father to Russ, Helen, Jessica, and Joy, and Grandpa to 8 beautiful grandchildren. Learn more at

Walk Ahead Farms+


Walk Ahead Farms was founded in March 2012 and is a small, family operated farm located in Youngsville, NC. With continued success, they have out grown the original farm, and relocated to Louisburg, N. 

Walk Ahead Farms offers the highest quality of fresh eggs and meats produced by animals ethically raised on pasture. Learn more at

What they offer:
Chicken eggs
Duck eggs
A wide range of proteins and cuts including:

Whetstone HomeGrown+

Whetstone offers 45 varieties of Jam, Pickles, Gluten Free Baked Goods, Pasta, Salsa, Pickled Okra, Relish, Maple Cutting Boards. All of Whetstone’s products are made without corn syrup, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives and are made by hand, one batch at a time. Whetstone sources some of the ingredients for it’s products from its small farm located in Southeast Granville County and/or from other farms in NC.


Whittle People+

Whittle People hand carves and paints wooden figures that appear to have stepped out of a story book. Using traditional methods (fixed blade knife and palm gouges), I like to think of the process as “finding friends in blocks of wood.”  Each carving comes with a name and unique story that gives personality to the creation. The artisan has been officially designated a charter member of CCU, “Creative Cut Up.”
Please stop by and visit with Michael and Frances Worsham and read a few of the Whittle People stories. Who knows, you might see a figure who is the “spittin’ image” of Uncle Burley or Cousin Emmaline and carry it back to the house.

Wild Onion Farms+


Wild Onion Farms is a small, sustainable produce farm in northern Johnston County. All of Wild Onion Farms‘ products are grown using organic methods. They pride themselves on selling only clean high-quality vegetables at the peak of perfection!



Yellow Dog Bread Co.+


Yellow Dog Bread Company specializes in handmade artisan breads and southern influenced pastries with ingredients that are locally milled, locally sourced, mostly organic, and carefully selected.

What’s Available:

Breads: 100% Whole Wheat, Chocolate Honey Sourdough, Ciabatta, French Baguette, French Batard, Jalapeno Cheddar, Rustic Multigrain Batard, Rustic Multigrain Loaf, Sourdough, and Cinnamon Raisin Swirl.

Pastries: Muffins, Croissants, Scones, Sticky Buns, Cinnamon Rolls, Stuffed Baguettes, Granola, and Crostini.




Zulia Rollwiches Bakery+


Indulge in a delicious rollwich from Zulia Bakery in Raleigh, North Carolina. They are a bread bakery proudly offering handmade rollwiches in a variety of tasty flavors. With more than seven years in business, what sets Zulia’s apart is how they make their rolls. They use high-quality ingredients and combine them in creative ways to make treats that are truly outstanding. Rollwiches make perfect gifts, party appetizers, or simple meals when you’re on-the-go.

Rollwiches: What makes Zulia rolls different is that they cook everything on the inside. They are sweet and salty at the same time and are perfect as an appetizer or a breakfast on the go. The dough is very soft and sweet, with a mouthwatering glaze on top

Savory: Savor a combination of complementary flavors with their savory rollwiches. They feature ingredients like cheese, bacon, ham, and nuts. Our flavor combinations include:

  • Cheddar Cheese & Jalapeno
  • Turkey & Pepper Jack Cheese
  • Ham, Bacon & Jalapenos
  • Pepper jack Cheese & Sweet Cheese

Sweet: Try one of their sweet rolls for breakfast or desert. Their sweet options include:

  • Blue Cheese, Pecans, and Maple Syrup
  • Cream Cheese, Fresh Raspberries, and Raspberry Preserve with Powdered Sugar on Top
  • Cream Cheese, Fresh Blueberries, and Blueberry Preserve with Powdered Sugar on Top

Learn more about Zulia Rollwiches and catering options at

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What are Production Terms?

These terms describe the methods farmers use to grow produce and make animal-related products. Please visit our LEARNING SECTION to find out more about production terms.