Shop for Nana & Papa!!

Did you know Grandparents Day  September 11th… Get the perfect gift to show your grandparents how much you love and appreciate them. Grab some seasonal produce and make a basket of nutritious goodies, a bouquet of fresh flowers or a uniquely crafted gift from one of our local artists. Stop by market and visit our… Continued

Craft Vendor Spotlights: Wicks for Wags and Whittle People

Did you know that Grandparents Day is right around the corner, September 11th! Come to market to get your loved ones a locally made gift from our craft vendors. Wicks for Wags creates uniquely scented candles.  With any purchase you are supporting the Animal Rights Cause. 10% of the proceeds are donated to animal shelters and rescue… Continued

Produce of the Week: Arugula

  Arugula is one of the nutritious green-leafy vegetables. It is a small, low growing annual herb featuring dandelion like succulent, elongated, lobular leaves with green-veins. It belongs within the Brassicaceae family similar to as mustard greens, cauliflower, kale. Fun Facts: arugula has a number of different names: garden rocket, rucola, roquette, and colewort. arugula can be found… Continued

Power of Produce Club: Learn how to get free POP Bucks 9/3

The Power of Produce (POP) Club provides a fun opportunity for children to engage in the local food system through conversations directly with farmers, educational games and demonstrations, and exposure to new fruits and vegetables. In addition to participating in educational activities, POP Club kids receive “POP Bucks” to spend at the market, allowing them to make… Continued

Produce of the Week: Noir des Carmes Melon

Noir des Carmes Melon is a beautiful and rare heirloom from France. AKA “Black Rock” melon preserved by the Carmelite monks. It was mentioned by Mawe & Abercrombie in 1787. Nearly black in color, the fruit turns orange as it ripens. They are deeply ribbed, have smooth skin, and resemble winter squash. The flesh is… Continued

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Eastern Triangle Farm Tour Sept. 17-18th

Meet Your Local Farmers! It’s Farm Fresh Fun for the Whole Family! The Carolina Farm Stewardship Association (CFSA) bring you the 10th Annual Eastern Triangle Farm Tour of North Carolina. Tour local, sustainable farms and discover the delicious meat, dairy, fruits and veggies produced right here in the Eastern Triangle! Self-guided or bus tours are on September… Continued

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Farmers’ Market Gleaning Project 820+lbs Donated!!

Did you know our vendors donate produce and foods to Bethlehem Baptist Church every week! Bethlehem Baptist Church is an agency of the Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC that offers a food pantry for people in need. The Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina supports over 826 non-profit food pantries, soup… Continued

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Shopper Spotlight: Hawley Family

Question: As a young family, why do you choose to frequent the Midtown Farmers’ Market and which farmers do you shop with? Response: As a young family, we choose to frequent the Midtown Market for its proximity, as it’s the closest local, organic farmers market to us. Over time we have developed relationships with a… Continued

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Food Truck Calendar

Baozi CockADoodleMoo Cousins Maine Lobster Fuzzy Empanadas Healthy Grill on Wheels Heavenly Smoke Spanglish Taco Grande 5/21/2015 CockADoodleMoo 5/28/2015 HealthyGrill 6/4/2015 CockADoodleMoo 6/11/2015 TacoGrande 6/18/2015 NO FOOD TRUCK 6/25/2015 Cousins Maine 7/2/2015 CockADoodleMoo 7/9/2015 Cousins Maine 7/16/2015 CockADoodleMoo 7/23/2015 Heavenly Smoke 7/30/2015 HealthyGrill 8/6/2015 CockADoodleMoo 8/13/2015 TacoGrande 8/20/2015 Cousins Maine 8/27/2015 Taco Grande 9/3/2015 Spanglish… Continued

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Tips to Stay Cool & Conserve Energy at Home

Keep the thermostat at 78°F when home and warmer than usual when away. Open windows at night and circulate in cool air, but close them first thing in the mornings. Keep blinds closed and facing upward during the day as up to 30% of unwanted heat is from windows. Use fans for circulation when in… Continued

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New to Midtown – Color the World

New to Raleigh, and artisan lipstick business. Here at Color The World®, they make amazing lipsticks, but giving back is the real business! They’re aiming to “color the world” by merging their love for business and passion for giving back. They are raising the bar, (percent actually), and pioneering a way to improve people’s lives through the expression of color and business by… Continued

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And the winners are…

Thank you to our participating Chefs. Iron Chef Brunch Off was a success!!   Chef John Childers of MIDTOWN GRILLE Chef Steven Craig of SUR LA TABLE Chef Matt Lowery of MURA             Congratulations to Chef John Childers of Midtown Grille, the 2016 Iron Chef Brunch Off Champion!          … Continued

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