ReadyBed Gardens – Plant and Take-Home

ReadyBed Gardens was created for those who want to eat clean, healthy, local food grown in their own organic gardens, but don’t have the time or aren’t sure where to start.  Their horticulture experts will help you develop your green thumb as they work with you to design the vegetable garden of your dreams, and… Continued

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Tomato Tribute Winners

Thank you all who participated in this year’s Tomato Tribute. (PICTURES COMING SOON) Much appreciation for the farmers that grew the tomatoes: Cedar Rock Farm, Coon Rock Farm, Nourishing Acres, Rob’s Fresh Produce, and Wild Onion Farms. Best Tasting: (we had a tie) Mariana’s Peace from Wild Onion Farms Sungold from Cedar Rock Farm Best Looking: Red… Continued

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Produce of the Week: Sweet Corn

Fun Facts: Sweet corn leaves were used as chewing gum by Native Americans Corn plants typically grow 7 – 10 feet tall. Sweet corn plants are several feet shorter One acre of land can produce 14,000 pounds of sweet corn There is one piece of silk for each kernel of corn. The average ear of… Continued

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Shopper Spotlight: Hawley Family

Question: As a young family, why do you choose to frequent the Midtown Farmers’ Market and which farmers do you shop with? Response: As a young family, we choose to frequent the Midtown Market for its proximity, as it’s the closest local, organic farmers market to us. Over time we have developed relationships with a… Continued

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Sustainability Day

Every 4th Saturday of the month will be Sustainability Day. Think green, recycling, composting, walk-ability, public transportation, and sustaining the earth, as well as our bodies. We’ll have different programming vendors that will educate us on how to either sustain the earth and our body. This week Sustainability Day Programming: 8am – noon ReadyBed Garden… Continued

Vendor Spotlight: Cedar Rock Farm

If you have not already, stop by ad meet Dean of Cedar Rock Farm’s. Dean has been with Midtown Farmers’ Market since day one, 9 seasons ago. Dean has been growing vegetables since he was 8 years old, when he worked on a very large vegetable farm making $1.00/hr. and .50 cents for a bushel basket… Continued

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Tips to Stay Cool & Conserve Energy at Home

Keep the thermostat at 78°F when home and warmer than usual when away. Open windows at night and circulate in cool air, but close them first thing in the mornings. Keep blinds closed and facing upward during the day as up to 30% of unwanted heat is from windows. Use fans for circulation when in… Continued

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Farmers’ Market Gleaning Project

Did you know our vendors donate produce and foods to Bethlehem Baptist Church every week! Bethlehem Baptist Church is an agency of the Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC that offers a food pantry for people in need. The Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina supports over 826 non-profit food pantries, soup… Continued

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Food Truck Calendar

Baozi CockADoodleMoo Cousins Maine Lobster Healthy Grill on Wheels Heavenly Smoke Taco Grande 5/21/2015 CockADoodleMoo 5/28/2015 HealthyGrill 6/4/2015 CockADoodleMoo 6/11/2015 TacoGrande 6/18/2015 NO FOOD TRUCK 6/25/2015 Cousins Maine 7/2/2015 CockADoodleMoo 7/9/2015 Cousins Maine 7/16/2015 CockADoodleMoo 7/23/2015 Heavenly Smoke 7/30/2015 HealthyGrill 8/6/2015 CockADoodleMoo 8/13/2015 TacoGrande 8/20/2015 Cousins Maine 8/27/2015 Taco Grande 9/3/2015 CockADoodleMoo 9/10/2015 HealthyGrill 9/17/2015… Continued

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New to Midtown – Color the World

New to Raleigh, and artisan lipstick business. Here at Color The World®, they make amazing lipsticks, but giving back is the real business! They’re aiming to “color the world” by merging their love for business and passion for giving back. They are raising the bar, (percent actually), and pioneering a way to improve people’s lives through the expression of color and business by… Continued

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And the winners are…

Thank you to our participating Chefs. Iron Chef Brunch Off was a success!!   Chef John Childers of MIDTOWN GRILLE Chef Steven Craig of SUR LA TABLE Chef Matt Lowery of MURA             Congratulations to Chef John Childers of Midtown Grille, the 2016 Iron Chef Brunch Off Champion!          … Continued

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Shopper Spotlight: Leewyn Kellam

When asked “Why do you frequent Midtown Farmers’ Market,” this is what Lee had to say. “I feel with a smaller market, like Midtown, you have the opportunity to have a more personal connection with the vendors.  Also being able to support the local community is important. Sincerely  Lee” Lee has been coming to Midtown Farmers’… Continued

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