Vendor Spotlight: Edible Earthscapes

Edible Earthscapes is a philosophy, a lifestyle and a farming style that embodies the ebb and flow of nature.  Rather than attempting to control or manipulate nature, it strives to blend with the natural tendencies of soil, climate, flora and fauna to achieve a diverse ecosystem loaded with food. Although we are not certified organic,  there… Continued

The Commons

Join Our Market

Calling all bakers, chefs, food specialties, and ready-to-eats foods located within 100 miles of Raleigh . . . we invite you to think about being a part of our 2016 Market! 2016 Applications are available on our website. Late applications are still being accepted and reviewed, should you have products that would add value to the market. We… Continued

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Good Graces Dog Treats

Vendor Spotlight: Good Grace Dog Treats

Good Grace’s is a home-based, two-woman owned and operated dog treat company. All of their treats are hand made. They use only human-grade ingredients, with no chemicals, preservatives or coloring and offer 8 “regular” recipes (which include vegetarian and vegan options) and 8 “specialty” recipes (which include grain-free, gluten-free, wheat-free and vegetarian options), each and… Continued